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Sustainable Tourism

When you book a tour with Sapana Holiday you are supporting our community goal of Sustainable Tourism in Nepal. We are committed to creating low impact on the Environment & Local Culture while generating employment. We strive as an organisation to ensure our tours and development projects are a positive experience for local people, visitors and tourists’ themselves. The concept of Sustainable Development can be interpreted in many ways, here is how we look & act on Sustainable Development.


  • Economic Development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources – low impact on the environment
  • Meeting the needs of the present community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs – low impact on the local culture while helping to generate employment
  • Maintaining a high level of tourist satisfaction with meaningful experience while raising awareness about sustainability issues and promoting responsible tourism practises amongst them

How do we make it happen?

We all have a part to play; many tourists believe the government can take care of much needed village resources and development. But the reality is Social financial govt assistance programs do not exist in Nepal. So we know that change needs to happen at the neighbourhood level. Community Leaders, local authority, infrastructure owners, area visitors, business owners & investors are the people to act for achieving sustainable change.

  • The environment, through improved energy and resource efficiency
  • Society change with improved health and safety
  • Economy, creating local jobs and retaining wealth in communities

The Future is Educating local communities for them to make empowered choices to improve their neighbourhoods, ensuring a strong &healthy community. This change in Empowerment brings improved personal wellbeing, social inclusion, and creating equal opportunity.


Discover Our Projects

The Sapana Village Social Impact (S.V.S.I) is a non-profit organization active in the Chitwan area, in Nepal. Its main target is the poverty alleviation of local people. It consists of projects that operate independently, some with the intention to make profits. With those profits, we start new projects, or pay the costs for people who cannot afford the costs by themselves. Basically, the goal of all projects is to improve the living conditions of the people in the neighborhoods of Sapana Village.