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  • Mindfulness Tour

    This Mindfulness tour is specially organized for the people who want explore whole Nepal in relaxing way or who want to have a relaxing holiday. This 21 days Mindfulness–Based program is designed for bringing compassionate awareness to the body. Participants practice mindfulness meditation and yoga as well as to experience nature, culture and wildlife of beautiful Nepal.

  • Yoga & Meditation Package

    2 days, 3 nights ⦁ Sapana Lodge
    Chitwan, Nepal

     Do you feel like having a relaxing time inspired in a quiet peaceful and spiritual environment?

    Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Come practice mindfulness in the beautiful Chitwan area of Nepal and enjoy the nature around you while finding your inner peace. The yoga & meditation is led by certified yoga and meditation teacher in Sapana Village Lodge, located in Chitwan, Nepal, known for its vast national park and diverse wildlife

  • Relax & Stay Package

    3 days, 2 nights ⦁ Sapana Lodge
    Chitwan, Nepal

    We invite you to stay in our unique hotel located at the edge of Chitwan National Park. Stay in a peaceful and inspiring environment decorated in designs by the local people. Enjoy your stay with relaxing massage. The open-air terrace is set up to have beautiful panoramic views of the area. Watch the elephants walking through the flowered garden for their daily bath or experience the lively atmosphere of local Tharu life. Sapana Village Lodge is proud to be Nepal’s leaders in sustainable development.