The best way to explore the wonderful countryside and natural beauty of Nepal is traveling on motorbike. Sapana offer great adventurous excursions to the guests to spot a wide range of Himalayas, Wild animals and many more.
The guests traveled on Royal En-field enjoyed the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of Nepal.

This was truly beyond pleasure to Sapana Team for an adventure journey to Muktinath, Mustang. We were so glad to organize the recent Staff Annual Trip and we (Sapana Team) enjoyed every moment as a team. We left the lodge early morning to reach our next destination, Beni of Myagi district. Our first night in Beni was OKAY, but we all loved walking around in this beautiful city in the evening before our dinner.
The following morning bus journey to Jomsom was very exciting. It was like the rafting in the bus. The plan was to spend our second night in Jomsom, but we better thought of heading our journey to Muktinath on the same day.
Such an amazing place on the earth, we didn’t believe our eyes while enjoying watching the views of great Himalayas from so close. Some of the team members got altitude sickness, but that didn’t disturb our wonderful trip to Muktinath temple. We had group prayers and having bath on 108 taps was something special for all of us.
We had great return journey to Beni, Pokhara and Chitwan. With pleasure, I want to share this marvelous tour with all my friends and families. Truly Amazing.

Recently Sapana Holiday participated in the TOURISM FARE – CHINA, in two cities (Beijing & Shanghai) for the promotion of Nepal tourism in this context of tourism sector not going as per the expectation this year, due to the impacts of last year earthquake & fuel crisis. So in order to spread the positive message/information in the international world and for the uplift of Nepal tourism industry, Sapana participated there to let the people and travel agents know that Nepal is already recovered and is worth to visit as it is able to welcome the tourists as much as possible.