Who we are?


The mission and vision of Sapana Holiday Tours and Travels is to develop sustainable Eco Tourism involving local
people and resources promoting income generating programs.
We are determined to offer excellent service throughout your staying in Nepal connecting with nature,
culture and people.
Let us organize your wonderful holiday as well as exciting and adventurous excursions with comforts in wildernes.

Our Team


Dhruba Giri



Subash Rijal

Operational Director


Aaditya Adhikari

Tour operater


Suman Bhandari


Some of our Social Project

Story of Origin

Namaste !
I’m Dhurba Giri

I am founder of Sapana village lodge and Sapana Holiday tours and travel

At the age of 12, I started working as a waiter at a restaurant in Sauraha.
I was a student while working but left the school to give more time for tourism as well as social works to help the poor people.

One day, I met Judit and Herman from Holland, whom I shared my dream with. I was delighted to get encouragement from them as they helped me to initiate my small business helping me financially as they knew that I wanted to start my own business one day.

Then with my own concept, I ran Hotel Riverside for a few years before I started Sapana Village since 2005. It has always been my dream to make life better for the people in my community and I believe that when you have a dream, it can come true. Sapana means dream in Nepali and by founding Sapana Village and sharing the profit with my community I made my dream come true. So as it was my dream (Sapana) to start my business, I gave the name of my business (Hotel) as Sapana Village – an Umbrella Organization that is now supporting many projects.

At present, we run Sapana Holiday tours and travel, many community projects through our own organization – Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI). We are working very hard to build a Sapana school, where we can make our dream of giving children of the Chitwan region a good education come true.


How we do This?

From the profitable amount of ‘Sapana Holiday tour and Travel’and ‘Sapana Village Lodge’, We support local community from our Umbrella organizatiojn “Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI)”.

Our future plans!!

We have many more dreams for the future, like establishing eco and sustainable tourism, support local community to develop their lifestyle, building a medical post and a society house for elderly people, and am confident that we can fulfill those dreams in the future. I hope to inspire people, both locally and internationally help make these dreams come true.

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